• How to apply for a Driving Licence

     In this section we have provided an overview of the procedure for applying for your driving licence: for full and complete information you should visit the DVLA website Driver's Information Page.


  • The application procedure for a UK Driving Licence:

    How to apply for your provisional driving licence: first applications/provisional licences

    If you have never held a driving licence before you will need to apply for a provisional licence.

    You need to complete an DVLA application form D1, which is available from the DVLA or from a Post Office; along with enclosing the appropriate fee.

    You MUST NOT drive until you receive your provisional driving licence.


  • Adding a test pass to your driving licence

    When you have passed your driving test (theory and practical) you should exchange your test pass certificate for a new licence as soon as possible.

    If you do not claim your test pass within two years of the date of your test, the entitlement conveyed by the test pass will be lost and you will have to pass a further test (theory and practical) for that category of vehicle if you wish to have it included on your licence.

    If you hold a provisional driving licence you must complete the declaration on your test pass certificate and send it (together with your photocard licence, paper counterpart and appropriate fee) to the DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1BJ.


  • How much your driving licence will cost?

    First Licence

    Car, motorcycle, moped: £50.00

    Provisional licence to full

    Car, motorcycle, moped: FREE

    Duplicate licence

    To replace a lost or stolen licence : £20.00


    Paper licence for a photocard licence : £20.00

    Correct as at January 2011: subject to change by the DVLA at any time.

    Certain restrictions/conditions may apply for certain types of licences and renewals; you should visit the DVLA website or contact them by post or telephone.

    A complete list of fees is available from the DVLA website: Drivers Information page here.


  • How to pay for your driving licence

    You should send a cheque or postal order for the correct fee, made payable to DVLA Swansea. Do not post-date your cheque as it will not be accepted.

    On the back of your chosen payment method, write your full name, address, date of birth and/or driver number if known.

    DO NOT send cash, bank notes or blank postal orders, as the DVLA cannot be held responsbile if they go missing.

    If you underpay, your application will be returned for the correct payment to be sent.


  • Post Office checking service

    A premium service available at Post Office branches.

    If you are applying for your first photocard driving licence, or already have a paper driving licence in your present name, and you do not wish to send your identity documents through the post, you may be able to use the premium service avaialble at selected Post Office branches. Your application will then be chekced by the staff and your evidence of identity will be returned to you immediately.

    Applications using the Post Office checking service must be made in person and be supported by any one of the following forms of identity in your present name:

    • Current UK passport
    • DWP State Retirement Pension order book
    • Proof of receipt of State Retirement Pension (a bank or building society statement received within the last three months.
    • Proof of eligibility to State Retirement Pension letter (BR2102, BR2103 or BR2199)

    The premium service fee if £4 and is in addition to the licence fee. For information on participating Post Office branches, call 08457 223 344 or visit our links page.

    The DVLA reserves the right to see the original documents.


  • Where to send your application forms

    Here are details of where to send your DVLA application forms:

    First provision licence: DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1AD

    First full licence for cars and motorbikes: DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1BJ

    Other licences to drive cars and motorbikes: DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1AB

    Medium/large vehicles, minibus/bus licences: DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1BR

    Exchange of foreign licences: DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1BT

    Change of name/address: DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1BN

    Exchange of paper licence for photocard: DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1BU

    Renewal at age 70 or over: DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1AA

    It usually takes three calender weeks or 15 working days from the date of receipt of your form at the DVLA until your licence arrives; this may be extended if checks need to be made by the DVLA regarding your health or personal details. Allow at least 3 weeks for your licence to arrive and then if your licence has not arrived in this time, contact the DVLA by writing to:

    Customer Enquiries Group (Drivers), DVLA, Swansea, SA7 0EE

    (Do not send your application form to this address)

    or telephone: 0870 240 0009

    If you have impaired hearing and have access to a minicom facility please ring 01792 766 366 for drlving licence enquiries.

    Ring between 08.00 to 20.30 hours, Monday to Friday and 08.00 to 17.00 hours Saturday.

    or fax: 0870 850 1285

    When contacting the Customer Enquiry Unit at the DVLA, you will need to provide your driver number or your full name, address and date of birth.


  • Driving whilst the DVLA have your form - first applications

    If you are applying to the DVLA for your first provisional licence of any type, you MUST NOT drive these vehicles until the licence arrives and comes into effect.


  • Driving whilst the DVLA have your form - other applications

    Once the DVLA has received your valid application, the law allows you to drive before the licence arrives as long as:

    • you have held a GB or Northern Ireland licence issued since 1 January 1976 or another exchangeable licence
    • you are not disqualified from driving
    • you have not been, and would not be, refused a licence for medical reasons
    • you keep to any special conditions which apply to the licence.

    Change of name/address on licence

    It is a legal requirement to inform the DVLA when you change your name and/or address. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

    This information is correct as at January 2006: subject to change by the DVLA at any time.

    Certain restrictions/conditions may apply for certain types of licences and renewals; you should visit the DVLA website or contact them by post or telephone.

    A complete list of fees is available from the DVLA website: Drivers Information page here.


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